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Chase Martin is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is a 20-year-old guy who likes anything tech related.


Chase has no idea how he got here. He only remembers that a mysterious demon asked him to impersonate Chase McFarlane. He does remember that his real first name is Simon. 

He refused to do so and fought the Demon. For that he lost his hand in the fight, but it is reattached when he wakes up.


He has the following abilities:
  • Pain Resistance
  • An almost perfect aim
  • Good fist-fighting skills


However, he has some disabilities.
  • Acts stupid at times
  • Is a bit forgetful,and also has eyesight issues at times.
  • Is obviously not immune to death.

Role in the story

Simon is almost separate from the main protagonists, but he does help them in several parts and even joins them for a while.

Weapons and Tools


During his escape from the prison he used a switchblade. This was kept till he met the team, which makes the blade the longest kept weapon of Chase.

FN Five-SeveN

This was one of the weapons he had. He used the standard magazines as a person of his age wouldn't be allowed to use the extended 30-round magazines. He gave it to Atticus.

Browning Hi-Power

This weapon is currently used by Chase and replaced the FN Five-SeveN. It is an old model, modified to have a tactical light and a recoil compensator for his hands. It has a 13-round magazine and has aftermarket illuminated sights.

Prosthetic Limb Mark 7

Chase used this to grab the prison warden's key and knock the warden out. It was used to kill a monster as well.


Chase used this to dig through the first cabins farm to make a tunnel. It broke after the tunnel was dug.

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