Charlotte "Sweets" Chrysotile is a freedom fighter against Alchem. Corp. She appears during season 1 to help expose Gabriel's evils.


Sweets does not dress like a conventional human. She wears a blue colonial jacket with a pinkish-red button-up underneath and rolled up sleeves. She also wears black jeans with a belt that shows a skull and crossbones. She also has brown western style boots and black aviator glasses over her piercing gray eyes.

Her hair is blonde, short, and choppy, and she is commonly seen with a cigar in her mouth. She has pale skin and dark red lipstick.


Born far later than Gabriel, Sweets is only 31 years old. She was charmed by him at a lecture he gave to her university, which was determined to stay open to everyone even during the current crisis. Eventually, they had a child together who they named Galena. After discovering files on a creature known as Brimstone in Gabriel's laboratory, as well as notes on this creature's torture and even soul fusion, she left and tried to take Galena with her. Gabriel made sure she did not take their child.

She escaped and returned to her university, starting a freedom fighting group known as the Militia-Men. Now, she is determined to get her daughter back.


Sweets' personality is very similar to her name. She is sweet, kind, and motherly. She believes that she can no longer change her estranged lover, but she does believe her daughter is innocent and doesn't know better. She is also rather sassy and protective of those she loves. She speaks with a stereotypical southern accent and the voice matches her well.