Charles (Cunning Humanoid Automated Robotic Life-like Evil Series MKI) McFarlane is a minor android character in The Demon's Light. He is Chris' mechanical brother, as both were created by Andrew McFarlane.


Charles wears his red hair slicked back and neat, contrasting with Chris' messy brown hair. He also has big brown metallic sensor "eyes" and pale "skin". Physically, Charles resembles an 18-year old young man, although he has an unusually tall height of 6'7. Unlike Chris, Charles has no switch on the back of his neck, rather, he has a specialized button concealed by his strange-looking nose. Typically, Charles wears a green hoodie, red corduroy pants, and a black shirt. Charles is also very muscular.


Charles was the first android created by Andrew McFarlane. Andrew originally created him to be his own personal servant. However, Charles started to develop a mind of his own, demanding brothers. Charles originally wanted an army to defeat Andrew, but started becoming afraid of how much more malicious than him the androids were, and subsequently went into hiding, although he sometimes came to spy on the other androids. However, one time while he was spying, a man known as Gabriel Alchemilia came and kidnapped Andrew, not too long after Chris had run away. Banding together with his siblings, Charles tried to save Andrew. However, the laboratory that they called home burst into flames, destroying all of Charles' other brothers. Running away, the scared Charles went into hiding. Centuries later, Charles emerged and set out on a journey to see what had become of Euclid, as well as to find other people like him. One day, he found his brother, Chris McFarlane, kidnapped him, and tried to gain the trust of the protagonists. Although he was using them to make them hate Chris and join the bad side, it was Chris who saved the day by freeing everyone. The two brothers reconnected, deciding that they could be friends, even though Atticus, Lisa, Marshall, and Melissa hated him. While he is still evil, he offers Chris help when he needs it.


Chris McFarlane

Even though Charles is constantly mean to Chris, Charles does have a hidden care for him, and would save his life if it was ever in any danger, as would Chris.


Like most androids, Charles has superior intellect, although Charles likes to not use this ability, due to him being more focused on evil. He also has advanced strength, a laser crossbow, a sense of smell, and hydrokinesis, though he feels the latter ability is useless, since it can easily destroy him.


  • Similar to Chris, he fears fire.
    • However, his fear of fire is because of the incident in Andrew's lab.
  • Unlike Chris, he understands slang, and frequently uses it.
  • Although he is evil, he is the least evil of Chris' siblings, considering how he has a soft spot for helping others that is masked by his evil tendencies.