Blue is a recurring character in The Demon's Light.


Not much is known about Blue, a man who had the ability to stay alive for a long time. He has been wandering the world for thousands of years. His years are numbered, and he is excited to die.


Blue has white hair and clear ocean-green eyes. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. His current wear is easy for use and suits his current personality.

Traits and Abilities

Blue had a lot of devices on him that helped to increase his lifespan to as long as he wanted, though he has destroyed most of them of them over the years and is no longer immortal. Blue is wise and skilled at several activities, such as fighting and animal taming.


Blue helps Team Demon Light on occasion, although he is never around for long. He is one of the most mysterious characters in the series.


  • Blue is currently around 2.5 thousand years of age.
  • Blue much prefers animals over human interaction.
  • Blue is a vegetarian.
  • Blue will act like a surrogate parent to animals without any, setting them into the wild when they are old enough.
  • Blue loves cats.
  • Blue has severe narcolepsy.
  • Blue is known to store strange artifacts on his person. He once emptied his pockets and found a small statue he did not recognize.
  • Blue is very skilled at playing chess.

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