Blood Queen is The Demon's half human daughter. A possessed being of the Goddess of Death and insanity, Mania. She is a mortal Goddess, hungry for blood and souls.


Black Quinn, a famous burglar known as The Queen of thieves in Gotham City. Was possessed by the Goddess of Death and insanity Mania, daughter of The Demon; during a robbery scene. After being possessed, Black Quinn found herself thirsty for blood and having the desire to kill. Soon enough, she quenched her thirst. Killing thousands of people from one place to another. Spreading havoc to the entire world. Not too long Black Quinn became the infamous Blood Queen. A mortal Goddess with the sole purpose to kill and bring nightmares to the world. Feared by many and conquered by none. Blood Queen is Messenger Deception's best firend. They protect each other at all costs. Though Blood Queen is The Demons daughter and successor, still she never fails to help the team whenever they're in grave danger.


Blood Queen is an evil, ruthless, mortal Goddess with the desire to kill. But she can also be very protective, especially towards her father (The Demon) and her best friend (Messenger Deception).


Blood Queen has a magic whip that never miss. Its tip is as sharp as a spear with a base that could get up to 36,000-40,000 kelvin which is about 72,000 degrees F. The temperature of a star about to explode to supernova. Blood Queen has the power to make hallucinations, giving you your worst nightmare. She can also control and read mind. Has the power to manipulate fire and use it at will. She also uses witchcraft in summoning a legion of dead warriors.


The Demon is Blood Queen's father.


The spirit of Mania was imprisoned inside an ancient Jar, It was found in Egypt then brought at a museum in Gotham City where Black Quinn the burglar found it and accidentally released Mania's spirit.

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