• Messenger Deception


    Teiko14 wanted to start a wiki that would help promote her book was in was published, so her and her friend Saphiraa17 made The Demon Light wiki in February of 2017.  It wasn’t until march that the wiki got it’s first users  my brother TheKorraFanatic joined the wiki March 14th 2017 and was giving mod rights and then BaronessLagomorph,  AnonymousTaylor2161 and Thursday September 24 2015 and myself joined the next day. Then a few more users joined Teiko1 and Saphiraa17 made everyone mods Teiko14 thought the wiki would be great is everyone had the same power well that turned out to be a mistake.


    The Rise of The Troll

    At the time West Heater was known as JMurph but later it turned out he was JMurph.


    West had followed me from another wiki to Th…

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  • South Ferry

    I have to admit, The Demon's Light Wiki has undergone some rapid improvement in the past few months. Just a few months ago, The Demon's Light Wiki was a candy-store, were everyone could come in and be promoted to bureaucrat and administrator instantly. At one point, there were 55 bureaucrats and 108 chat moderators. Fifty-five users free to completely do whatever they wanted, and they had no limit, there weren't even any rules.

    Let's take a moment to analyze some of the most recent improvements on The Demon's Light Wiki.

    This one is, without a doubt, perhaps the greatest achievement The Demon's Light Wiki has made in the past few months. As stated above, the Wiki once had 55 bureaucrats, as well as 108 chat moderators. Have a look at, Special…

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  • TheKorraFanatic

    ​Hi, Everyone. I am making this blog to show off the new staff members. Over the past few months, we have have several disagreemnts about who should be and who should not be staff. This is the concluding list of all the staff members here.

    • TheKorraFanatic
    • Messenger Deception
    • Rick Sanhez
    • Qstlijku

    • the real JANE THE KILLER
    • Jamesb1
    • Blue Tree Roots
    • South Ferry
    • Chase McFly.
    • FalcoLombardi99

    • Amanda Heart 15713
    • HPNG Shadow
    • BlackQuinn
    • Speedit
    • C.Syde65
    • Frankiesinatra20
    • Belle hurts forever

    • CupCakeBabeXX
    • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin
    • Itisthekawaiigirl

    • CupCakeBabexx
    • Itisthekawaiigirl
    • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    • CavaX
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  • TheKorraFanatic

    Hi, everyone. I am TheKorraFanatic, bureaucrat of TDL. I hope you all enjoy this blog.

    Welcome to The Demon's Light wiki. The Demon's Light wiki is a role-play wiki that is slowly expanding everyday and was created by Teiko14 on February 20, 2017. The current wiki leadership is my sister Messenger Deception and I and our tight group of advisors. It's a wiki where tons of users come to RP and chat. I hope you enjoy it here. If you are new here and wondering what to do, I would advise reading the rules first and going from there.

    If you are wondering what exactly to do here, here are some tips: One: You can make a page of your role-play character, but be sure to follow the page guidelines otherwise your page will be marked for deletion. Two: Y…

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  • Jamesb1

    I have been on this wiki for 2 months, and in that time I have seen countless arguments between users, and worse, between friends. I have contemplated leaving the wiki, but due to having such a big family with such a great girlfriend, I am unable to do so, in which case, I have come up with another idea. A treaty.

    I would like to propose we all go back to the start. Try to forgive people for what they have done, and start all over. I know some people may have done bad things, but can't you forgive and forget. Obviously, I am not talking about forgiving Jmurph or West, because they were created by the devil when he got pissed and had kids with 2 fish, but the others. We were all friends at one point, so don't try to deny it. Why should frien…

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  • South Ferry

    Block Case Number 1

    June 11, 2017 by South Ferry

    Plaintiff: Messenger Deception

    Defendant: Logan.wood2

    Defendant Logan.wood2 is currently blocked with an expiration date of June 30th, 2017 for his rebellious actions, and sending threats to Plaintiff Messenger Deception and her brother, TheKorraFanatic. Recently, Logan.wood2 has sent yet another death threat, stating he will personally find and hunt the Plaintiff if he is not unblocked. Messenger Deception wishes to further extend his ban.

    The jury is composed of 


    Each of these individuals will come to a conclusion on the fate of Logan.wood2.

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  • FalcoLombardi99 (part 1; announcing LUMINOUS) and now here is an update about our band! GJ is our lead vocalist of our band. We are releasing our debut single releasing this summer.

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  • FalcoLombardi99


    June 9, 2017 by FalcoLombardi99

    On my new Discord server (NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC) called LUMINOUS which is a Discord only for me, 6f5e4d, Belle, DDG, GJ and Phealan because today we formed a music group called LUMINOUS. Which we are all singers in the group. Our first single is releasing in Q3/Q4 2017.

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  • Chase McFly

    Reports indicate that the missing Lagomorph Baroness has been found in the gates of hell in a mentally damaged state.

    According to Chase McFly, a scarlet shapeshifter oulaw named Pietro Maximoff has been disovered hand in hand with Mess.

    Michael Haptic, 16, was recently discovered unconscious by a rock with a katana in him Will he be okay?

    Cyborg Korra Anoethite has requested his arm get removed because it causes trouble.

    Evidence proves Messenger Deception and Korra Anoethite are siblings.

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  • FalcoLombardi99

    Welcome to the Haus of Falco, a RP family for RPers who don't have RP families or were dropped from their RP families. You don't have to do much to join luckily and it's a drag themed RP family for my stunning drag superstars. RPers without RP families or were dropped from RP families can join. 

    It's simple just tell me what you want your drag queen name to be since my RP family will refer by their drag queen/drag king names. And say "I'll join and my drag queen name is (insert drag queen/drag king name here)".

    Me: The RP parent of all my Haus of Falco RP children, known in drag as Falco Blac or Jayla BeReal.

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  • FalcoLombardi99 Here is the link. NOTE: THIS BLOG IS A JOKE DONUT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.


    22: Amber

    21: Chase

    20: Korra

    19: Mess

    18: Rick

    17: Jane

    16: Google

    15: Mario

    14: Death

    13: South

    12: Scar

    11: James

    10: Back Up

    9: Saphira

    8: Amanda

    7: GJ

    6: Blue

    5: Dahl

    4: 6f

    3: BlackQuinn

    2: Tiger

    1.10: Scar (originally 12th)

    1.5: Chase (originally 21st)

    1: Falco

    • 6f
    • Amanda
    • Amber
    • Back Up
    • Blue
    • Chase
    • Dahl
    • Death
    • Falco
    • GJ
    • Korra
    • Mario
    • Mess
    • Rick
    • Scar
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  • Chase McFly
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  • Chris The Great Maverick


    May 29, 2017 by Chris The Great Maverick

    Bye Guys 

    There Is Only One Chris Mav And Remember That

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  • A Google User

    Hi Guys, Specially Hi Korra  I just want to say that why did you do this to me? If you once said to me, "Google, I hate you, get out of here," then I would really go! When I turned on my Internet then, when I have a message to read what was written in it "Korra has sent some screenshots that A GOOGLE USER AND THAFANDOMBOY are the same persons! And tell you the truth I was cried irl and makes me sad! Many in my heart pain of someone else got rather my brother ban me! when I asked someone about Korra that why Korra has banned me, then someone told me that Korra wants to help ME (Google) ! but I can not trust him because the danger that has happened to me is never again, I want it! Well it is the best news for you that I will run away from yo…

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  • D for dora chan

    Bye Forever

    May 22, 2017 by D for dora chan

    guys i`m leaving cause i`m a lowly person and i demoted i have some messages for u guys

    To Google: bye yaar main tdl chor raha hun cc yah phir discord main bat hogi

    To Social: bye will talk to u on cc AuA

    To Mess: bye dont stop bealivng in urself or scar

    To Scar: Thanks For Hating Me

    To Chase martin: meri half life kaha hain

    To KPG: bye nice meeting you

    To Amber: bye dont stop bealiving in google no matter what happens

    To Chase mcfly: bye sibling will talk to u on discord

    To Spiderman: dont u ever say bad words again

    To Korra: Bye sir thanks for making me a lowly chatmod a friend and have a nice life with Jane

    And everyone else bye

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  • PyroNacht

    League of the Light

    May 21, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hello. I admittedly am writing this blog solely as an example for other users to look upon. Bear in mind that I do not know all of the nooks and crannies relative to this Wiki, but I will do my best based off what I have seen and heard. Some of this blog is derived from the blog written by Messenger Deception.

    Founded by Teiko14 to promote her novel, the Wiki's growth began with a rising of Seven. Those seven individual Wikians were bound by the interests they shared, as well as the fun memories they all indulged in. As more and more members began to arrive, the Wiki grew and developed immensely.

    At one point, Teiko decided that it would be a good idea to promote every single member of the Original Seven. However, none of them realized quite…

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  • Messenger Deception

    The Demon's Light Wiki was founded by Teiko14 to promote her book. The first members were Teiko14, Saphiraa17, BaronessLagomorph, AnonyomousTaylor 2161 TheKorraFanatic, and myself.  We had fun at The Demon's Light Wiki, laughing and enjoying oursleves we would roleplay and play Truth or Dare it was fun and free there were no rules or anything we thought that was a good thing but we were wrong. Later, we asked some of their friends to come.

    Teiko14 decided to promote everyone. At the time it seemed like a great idea. Sadly, none of us knew the problems it would cause. We were all new at running Wikis, if we knew then what this mass promotion would cause, we would have never of considered it.  after more users started to come the 'no rules.' …

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  • Chase Martin


    May 21, 2017 by Chase Martin

    I need help finding a new laptop

    It needs

    • Atleast 12GB DDR4 RAM
    • 1 TB hard drive (no SSD and HDD which is hard disk drive below 1TB as I will get an SSD later)
    • 1920x1080
    • Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013/Office 365
    • Intel i7 6th or 7th Gen
    • Below 88000 Indian Rupees
    • Used is okay,but there should be not too much damage and it should work properly
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  • Messenger Deception

    Kanato was an amazing 16 year old girl who would do anything to help a friend. She was funny, sweet, caring, and the best at making jokes. She was helpful, there for you when you needed someone the most. Kanato was always depressed, unfortunately. I tried to be there for her, just as much as she was for me. We looked out for each other. Sadly I was cyber-bullied, and deleted off Quotev; the only place I knew her. Kanato lost the only friend she had left. I found out 4 weeks later; Kanato had killed herself. I say all the time that maybe if I had been there she would be alive now; but then again, she may not have been. Kanato didn't know how loved she was, I know a lot of people who miss her, and still love her, and always will. I lost my b…

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  • FalcoLombardi99

    I'm wondering because some other users were included in the story that this wiki is for I see, so I want to be included as a character in The Demons' Light story as well.

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  • South Ferry

    We the people, of the Democratic Federation of Demon's Light, in order to assert our previous unification efforts of this federation, hereby suspend the 2017 Demon's Light Federation Federal Election. The parties in this partisan political discussion have decided to unify together, to form the The Democratic Creepypasta All-Star Socialist Party of the Demon's Light Federation. This party is a fusion of the various beliefs of the Democratic Creepypasta Party, controlled by the new Chancellor, TheKorraFanatic, and The National All-Stars Socialist Party, controlled by South Ferry. The members of this new, unified party, shall all be listed here, in the same template used on the Election pages.

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  • D for dora chan

    Draft Rules

    May 16, 2017 by D for dora chan

    Draft date: 19 May

    Bcrat 1

    Bcrat 2

    every bcrat has there own team name and section 

    every bcrat can pick 1 or 2 admins

    every bcrat can pick 1 chat bot

    every bcrat can pick as many chat mod as they want

    every bcrat can have 1 already made admin

    every draft pick after atleast 2 mins

    draft preview will be on 17 may

    draft discussion will be on 18 may

    draft on 19 may

    and draft review on may 20

    and trades are available and next draft after atleast 3 months

    this whole blog is just a example

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  • D for dora chan

    Chat Party

    May 14, 2017 by D for dora chan

    The web development wiki has organized a chat party it is the celebration of web development wiki launch and everyone is allowed to enter the party (note: no spammers or trollers) it is also guarded by A.T.A which make sure there wont be any trollers or spammers

    party date: may 20th 2017

    D for dora chan

    Chat Moderator And Editor 

    Web Devolopment Wiki


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  • D for dora chan


    May 13, 2017 by D for dora chan

    i think A.T.A should be the main troll defense team of tdl

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  • Chase Martin

    Goodbye TDL

    May 13, 2017 by Chase Martin

    EDIT ON 13 MAY 2017

    I am not leaving.I have decide to just go on.

    Goodbye TDL.I may or may not miss you.

    Why am I leaving?

    Well it had to do with something in chat.I made a remark that offended a person.It was a sexist remark.I didn't think it was sexist though and I got banned.

    While trying to explain what I meant after getting banned I kept getting banned and my admin status was removed.

    So it is my mistake.I am leaving.

    It was great being with you guys but I have to leave.Then this wikia will not have anymore problems.



    You were a great guy,and I hope you can get your revenge on JMurph.


    Sorry Mess.I did not mean it.You know what I am talking about

    Chase (McFly)-

    Well.I have nothing to say.Just that....first names are same?


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  • FalcoLombardi99

    I'm new here

    May 12, 2017 by FalcoLombardi99

    Hello everyone! I'm FalcoLombardi99 but you can call me Falco. I was invited to this wiki by User:DahlElite22 because he sent me the link to the wiki from the FNAF RP wiki. So hopefully everyone is nice and I can enjoy this wiki.

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  • Blue Tree Roots

    After long talks, we decided the new leadership roles are:

    Bureaucrats: TeriaAikko14, Messenger Deception, TheKorraFanatic , Qstiljku, Saphiraa17, MarioandLuigiBowser’sInsideStory, Chase McFly, Back Up2

    Admins: the real JANE THE KILLER, Jamesb1, Blue Tree Roots, Social Innocent, UsurperKing, KawaiiPotatoGirl, Itisthekawaiigirl, NPSKullcrackaTheAssassin731, Rick Sanhez

    Everyone else please demote to chat mod only

    (B crats on here are the only users to change the page. And only after they have discussed any changes)

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  • D for dora chan

    i was a bcrat but when i resigned i demoted myself now i have rejoined chase mcfly made me an bcrat and admin last time so someone please make me and admin and bcrat so i can contribute more

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  • Scarlet Outlaw


    May 11, 2017 by Scarlet Outlaw
    • Messenger Deception: I've only ever had internet bfs and I finally got to talk to my bf someone I've loved for awhile 5/10/17
    • Messenger Deception: I'm so happy Scar and I talked on voice chat on discord all day 5/10/17
    • Messenger Deception: You're the best bf I ever had 5/24/17
    • Scarlet Outlaw: got to talk to mess on vc for a long time and it made my day 6/8/17
    • Messenger Deception: Scar that was cute what you said on VC 6/19/2017
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  • SmilingBrave

    for a few days now wifi at my place has been a bitch and so I'd like to say looooooooool cause tis is funny and so I will need to use another computer and so on.

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  • Speedit

    A foreword: I suggest this for the benefit of your community. This is not meant to degrade - I am impressed at how you have formed this tightly-knit place around common interests and interaction, as well as grasping the technical basics of a wiki alone. You fill me with pride.

    I feel that this community has been brought into conflict by the vast quantity of bureaucrats, admins and chatmods on the wiki who have been promoted. I was drawn to this issue by badly-placed discussions at CCC. The chatban log has a significant quantity of bans that do not have a chatban reason, and instances of people undoing bans on themselves and others. The first suggests a lack of transparency or reason to present to the blockee (although it may be just an issue …

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  • Kingraider's queenraider

    neko what should i write about give me something ready 1..2...3.. gooo....

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  • Kingraider's queenraider

    do u have any ideas that i could write my blog about

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  • Kingraider's queenraider

    give me ideas to make my blog plz any will help

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