Belle Moon (also known as Isabel Moon) is a side character in The Demon's Light. She was a sad and abandoned orphan that the Demon found one day and decided to make his slave.

Early life

Belle Moon lived in The City of Silver Lights when she was younger until her parents abandoned her at the age of 10. After she was left on her own, she moved around a lot, never staying in one place too long. She was afraid of people and was emotionally scarred after what her parents did to her. She thought she could never be loved or love anyone again.

The Demon

Belle was one day sleeping in a park when she woke up to see a towering figure above her. It was the Demon. She tried to get away but was soon a captive of the Demon. He took her to his fortress and turned her into his chained slave.

Meeting the Gang

Belle was imprisoned in his fortress and had given up on ever getting out of there when one day she met Atticus Anoethite as he had been taken captive by the Demon as well. After talking for a while, they developed a close bond and Atticus encouraged Belle to help him escape from the Demon's Fortress. After escaping, Atticus took her to where the gang was located at. There, Belle met Chase McFarlane, Messenger Devlin, and Michael Rooke. She quickly became friends with all of them.


Belle quickly developed friendship with the other characters. Her greatest friendship is with Atticus, as she is one of the few people to break his loner interior and get to know the real him. She is one of two people Atticus believes to understand him fully, thus they have a very close bond. Her and Messenger argue quite a bit, but Belle deeply cares for her and considers her a close friend.

She has a distant relationship with Michael due to his reluctance to open up to anyone besides Messenger and Atticus and she is friendly towards Chase. Kaz once befriended her impersonating a man named Anderson Wood. Afterwards, she found out he pretended to be her friend so he could hurt her to hurt Atticus and the others, she developed a deep hatred for Kaz. Belle later on helps take down Blood Queen, one of the daughters of the Demon. Belle is overall one of the most helpful characters to Team Demon Light.