Bella Thornton is a recurring character in The Demon's Light.


Bella was born on a ship in 1998. His mother, a boat cook, felt she had no use for him and abandoned him on an island. Abandoned at such young an age, Bella was raised until the age of 8 by a shipwrecked man who was secretly the father of Harrison and Piercy Provost. Mr. Provost then had a stroke one day, leaving Bella in the care of his trusted friend Gabriel Alchemilia. Bella helped Gabriel find a few of his treasures. However, Gabriel soon heard his alchemical secrets had been shown to the world. Gabriel took Bella with him to track down his ex-alchemist Marty McFly, but got Chase McFly instead. Gabriel exchanged Bella to Chase for his alchemical secrets, so Bella joined Team Demon Light, while Gabriel resumed his regular life, until Xeren and a monster possessing Gabriel's brother Luther came after him.


Expertise Survival-After 8 years of being alone on an island except for Mr. Provost, he knows how to survive in hard situations.


Bella looked up to Mr. Provost as a father figure, but feels Gabriel is more of a fun brother. He and Chase are great friends.


  • He is bi-curious.
  • He has a defective heart valve and a thyroid problem.

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