Baroness Lagomorph​, also known as Savannah Whitesmith, is a main character in The Demon's Light.  She woke up one day and found herself with Chase McFly. Messenger Deception, and Korra Anoethite. Like the others, she has barely any memory of her life before that day. She was once bitten by a servant of The Demon, and was driven a little insane from the poison that got into her system. The after-affects of the infection eventually led her to transform into a demon briefly, but was turned back to her human form with the help of Gabriel Alchemilia. Baroness was replaced by Jane in season 2, as she became the Queen Demon following the defeat of The Demon. It is revealed she is his daughter and is half-siblings with Blood Queen and Kaz Heater. After her dark heritage is revealed, she betrayed the team, with the thought of having power and control corrupting her, and she joined forces with Blood Queen to get revenge on Team Demon Light for the slaying of The Demon.


Baroness Lagomorph, in her human form, is a seventeen year old teenage girl. She stands tall, at six feet one inch. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.


Baroness is fairly weak in her human form. Her strength equates to the average human female, and she has no physical powers or psychic powers whatsoever. However, upon shape-shifting into her Demon form, her powers are greatly expanded. She attains all the abilities of The Demon, such as flight, telepathy, and the materialization of portals, for quick travel between Earth and hell. However, this greatly enhanced form does not last forever. If Baroness becomes too exhausted, or she is greatly damaged in battle, she will immediately revert to her weak human form.

Relationships with Other Characters


Despite neutrality and having conflicting ideologies with the Demon, Jack tends to have a calm friendship with Baroness as he sees her as a better ruler than Xeren.


  • After she goes evil, it is revealed she has a brother named Eric.

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