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Azalea is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is an angel with black hair, light blue eyes, and large brown wings. She is tall, thin, and appearing to be the age of 20. She found the protagonists of the series after searching for her brother Zekial, who she believed to be a traitor to the angels.


Azalea is one of the few angels who was there the day the war started. She is very loyal to the cause of the angels and she was one of the highest ranking members in their army, ranking just under the brutal commander, Ezekiel, a savage force often referred to as "The Fist of God." When her brother Zekial rebelled against the angels, she left the army, giving up her high rank, and swore to track him down and get revenge for the betrayal, even if it meant she had to take the life of her own brother.

She first appeared in the season 3 episode "Family Traitors", having tracked her brother down using her sensing abilities. She was utterly disgusted to have found him aiding humans and she began to stalk Zekial and the rest. As she watched them for days, she carefully learned all their patterns and habits and prepared for the best time to attack. Then in the middle of the night, she raided the camp they had set up and began trying to slay the humans and her brother.

A struggle quickly ensued with Zekial doing his best to defend the humans from his sister, but due to Azalea being the stronger angel, he was quickly defeated and brought to his knees, where she placed her sword against his neck, about to kill him. Lisa Fiss quickly ran and pushed Zekial out of the way, getting stabbed and nearly dying. Azalea then fled, using that as an opportunity to see what the group's battle skills were like, already planning another attack.


Azalea is cold and calculated, putting her beliefs and cause before anyone else, often not caring for the loss of life that might ensue. She often disregards any family she has, not believing in family relations.


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Azalea has the natural skill of flying due to being an angel. She also has the ability to sense and track people anywhere.