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"This world does not belong to the angels and demons to do as they wish - It belongs to us and its time for us, and only us, to decide to live in it as we wish, not ruled and treated like tamed animals by higher beings."
― Atticus Anoethite

Atticus Anoethite is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. He is the son of Carter Anoethite, the brother of James and additionally the half-brother of Messenger Devlin.


Atticus Anoethite woke up at the barn with no memory, except for a flash of blinding red light. After seeing Chase McFarlane, Messenger Devlin, and Savannah Whitesmith, he quickly distanced himself from the group, disliking crowds. After bickering several times with Chase, he privately decided to stay with the group. After a while, the group ran into a mysterious man who introduced himself as Gabriel Alchemilia. After Gabriel offered to take the group to Alchem. Corp, Atticus showed rash judgment by quickly agreeing to it. After arriving at Alchem. Corp, Atticus set off on his own to locate Gabriel, who had separated from the group after arrival, and quickly got lost.


Atticus is an average height male with dark brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin.


Atticus is mostly quiet, but often is the calmest member of the group. He often bickers quite a bit with the other team members, due to not being as out-going as them, often choosing to stay to himself.

Team Demon Light

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Messenger Devlin

Atticus and Messenger Devlin made a good team before they knew they were actually siblings. They get along exceptionally well. There have been a few arguments, but overall they have a good bond.

James Anoethite

Atticus and James have a good relationship as friends and are shocked to discover they are actually brothers.

Belle Moon

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Atticus and Jack, tend to get along despite Jack's links to Xeren.

Chase McFarlane

At first, Atticus was rather annoyed of Chase, and they bickered a lot. As the series progressed, however, they soon became good friends, finding many common interests and goals.

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