This is the list of powers that the characters in The Demon's Light have.


Enhanced Strength

This is an ability that gives people strength beyond that of any human out there

Enhanced Speed

It gives people speed beyond that of any human alive.

Pain Tolerance

High pain tolerance.



The power for one to move objects with their mind and shape them to your will.


Lets one read the minds of other people.

Chase McFarlane's Robot Abilities

  • Nose Laser\Food Sucker - A huge nose-shaped mechanism that sits above Chase McFarlane's mouth that can shoot laser-spheres and allows him to eat.
  • BattleMode App - A bionic app that overrides Chase's personality with that of a tough, sexist warrior.
  • Plasma Sword - A plasmic sword-shaped device that comes out of Chase's elbow at the press of a button.
  • Enhanced Strength\Intelligence\Speed - He is a very smart robot and can always figure out things to do in hard situations. Like some non-robot characters, he can move extremely fast and is also incredibly strong.
  • Adjustable Height - He can make himself whatever height he wants to be.
  • Weapon Generation - Pressing a button on his shoulder causes 100 weapons to pop out of his body, making him a wonderful fighter.
  • GPS - He can track down coordinates via a special map embedded inside his head.
  • Spare Arms - Inside Chase's body lie a dozen pairs of extra arms in case they are cut off.
  • Danger Sensors - He can always sense when danger is near!
  • Wristwatch Consciousness - His wristwatch contains an exact copy of his computer brain that can control and detach his arm, in case he is deactivated.