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Guess the above user's favorite thing to do

You have to guess the above user's favorite thing to do as long as it's appropriate for the wiki and is not rude towards that user. This game is based off my game of the same name from the Just Dance Wiki.

How to play:
You guess what the person above you's favorite thing to do.
For example: another user guesses mines is "Making EDM music" and I either say yes or no and then that user guesses the above user's favorite thing to do.
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Your favorite thing to do is make music remixes.
Your favorite thing to do is to listen to K-Pop with Aii.
Your favorite thing is to put aii into everything korra does
Your favorite thing to do is sing Bendy and the Ink Machine fan songs.
Oddly correct
Reminder: When you reply, be sure to add a "Your favorite thing to do", otherwise the game stalls. I'll go now to get it back started, this question is directed to the user above me.

Your favorite thing to do is play video games.
I enjoy them but I wouldn't say that it was my absolute favourite thing to do.

Your favourite thing to do is contribute to Wikia or interact on Discord? (I don't mind getting these guesses wrong if I do end up getting them wrong)
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