Hello, recently the staff and I have addressed issues involving the Wiki and the role-play it is centered around. We have created a draft entitled "The final steps of the 2017 TDL agenda" in the hopes that the community will approve of it and we can begin improving the Wiki. The draft we wrote out after many discussions is listed here:

Proposal 1: Removal of most self inserts. Names like "James Anoethite" and "Michael" and “Chase” are fine, though Michael Haptic and Chase McFly will need their last name changed to remove the self-insert. Baroness Lagomorph and Jane Fiss’ names will be changed. Korra Anoethite will keep his last name, but get a new first name. Messenger Deception will keep her first name, but get a new last name. All self inserts will be removed or renamed.

Proposal 2: Most pages are removed and moved to another Wiki for storage. That way we can rewrite the pages as we role-play them. So that the role-play is not based off the pages, but the pages based off the role-play. Some pages, like "Angels" and "Demons" and other pages that give off the basic idea of the role-play shall remain. The role-play episodes already completed will remain as well.