I'm gonna say it. Syde is not fit for admin. Here is why.

Yesterday, he closed a thread when I called for the wiki to be more open about what goes on within the ranks, Korra had to over-ride his wrongdoing. Abuse.

Today on chat. Mario kept spamming the bot, making everyone's browsers freeze or crash. MULTIPLE times. When I told him to do something he banned me, and I admit I got a little angry, but his attitude toward me is despicable. Especially in PM. Mario spammed over an hour long, making everyone angry, SYDE DID NOTHING. HE sat there and warned me. He is the worst admin I have ever seen in my 5 years on FANDOM. He then banned me because I told him, he was doing nothing to help solve the problem. So I go to discord. I explain the situation and got banned, again by Syde, after he banned me from his PMs, leaving nowhere to talk about the issue. So I had to do it there, and I was not even BANNED for this issue! I was banned for saying "I speak my mind". He has been removed from his position before because he threatened to ban me. He has had issues on either wikis as well. I believe because I banned him from CCC, he wants revenge. I think he is not a good admin, and does not deserve the wonderful people of TDL. I love all of you (Except Syde now.) But i dont hate.