For the past couple of weeks, Messenger's chat moderating, and by extension - administrating, since chat moderating automatically falls under administrating, as it is impossible to be an administrator without being a chat moderator - has been very poor. At least three times has she unfairly kicked users over things that didn't warrant kicking for. On top of that, I've seen in her unsuccessful request for bureaucrat rights that many users have voiced their concerns about her getting bureaucrat rights back, saying that she was really unfit to be an administrator, let alone a bureaucrat, and looking back on it, I'm afraid I would have to agree. Her behaviour has gotten worse since the request was closed. Here is a list of examples of unfair actions she has taken:

*Kicking me just because I asked her a question as to whether she'd checked a Discord notification.
*Kicking me just because I was talking about something in chat that she personally decided that she didn't want me talking about the certain thing, when the other chat mods said that I was totally within my rights to talk about those things.
*Kicking me recently because I accidentally spammed a user's PM with the same message, I only did it by accident, and because the recipient's PM connections were having issues, and then all of a sudden, all my attempts to reach them came through. She could have asked me whether I had intentionally spammed the user's PM, but she didn't.

For the last example especially. The recipient had screenshot the accidental PM spam, but understood that it was an accident, but when Mess saw it, she immediately assumed that I had done it on purpose. She immediately assumed that I had spammed on purpose, without giving me the benefit of the doubt. That's a clear demonstration of lack of good faith. Always assume good faith when there isn't strong enough evidence to suggest that a user is acting in bad faith. Assuming good faith is a key principal of being a good administrator, and I can say that the way she has handled certain situations lately has failed to do just that. For lack of a better term, it's almost as if she's become biased towards my actions or something, immediately assuming that my actions were done for the worst, regardless of what my true intentions were.

I know a lot of administrators on other wikis that would not have found that acceptable, had those actions been done on the said wikis they administrate. I administrate several wikis myself, with three years worth of administrative experience, and I would have found that kind of behaviour unacceptable. I find her recent actions on this wiki unacceptable, hence why I made this demotion thread in the first place. For another thing, she scolded me not too long ago because I was "apparently being too strict" towards a certain user in TDL server. The other admins in the server had no objections towards my actions. She also demonstrated lack of patience when I was preparing myself for my resignation, I still had a couple of MediaWiki pages to update as a result, but she apparently said that another user would demote me if I didn't hurry up, when it was explicitly agreed upon that I had roughly an hour to prepare myself. I was going as fast as I could. If I went any faster, I might have missed something.

There's a few other things that I've seen her do that I haven't been supportive of. But those are some key examples. I've definitely heard other users bring up concerns, several of which were raised in Mess' unsuccessful bureaucrat request. I was initially neutral towards the request, because I couldn't see anything wrong, but I thought that it was too soon to be requesting bureaucrat rights all of a sudden, only a few days after she'd stepped down from them. But when I too began to notice certain unsatisfactory actions, I realised I had to oppose.

I'm not trying to be unreasonable. This isn't because I have any issues with Mess as a person, I still respect her as a person, but as a user I don't believe that she is currently fit to be an administrator on this wiki, because of the reasons I have provided above, and for the reasons others have brought up less than a few weeks ago, since there is no evidence that she has improved since then. I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh in anyway here, but this is the dead-honest truth that I can provide, since administrating is serious business, and it can and will have a negative effect on others, if handled poorly. I have already privately expressed my concerns about this to a few users, with some of them agreeing, and none of them explicitly disagreeing.

Vote support if you agree that Mess should be demoted. Vote oppose if you disagree that she should be demoted. Vote neutral if you don't agree or disagree. Anyone may vote on this proposal. But please remember to explain why you are supporting or opposing.